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Missouri Poverty Report 2022 / US Census - MO

13.2 percent of the population is below poverty level in St. Louis Missouri. 19.3 percent are Black/African American; 17 percent Hispanic or Latino; 8.3 percent White and 8 percent Asian. Poverty does not discriminate and all cultures experience it not just in St. Louis but in the United States.

US Census states that 17.4 percent of children in Missouri live in poverty and 19.3 percent are under the age of 5.

Children who grow up in poverty lack food, shelter, healthcare, education, clothing and the necessities to thrive in their schools and communities. This has a profound impact on children, their growth and economic stability. 


Warm Coat Helps

​A Warm coat is not only warm but it curves the illnesses that a child may have from the cold especially if that child has asthma or upper respitory  challenges. When a child is warm they are less prone to fights, paying attention in school and learning.  There are thousands of food pantries and and their are children who receive free lunch which aids in poverty hunger but what about warmth that keeps them from being admitted to the hospital. There are 565,099 Missourians unisures. This indicates that families do not have insurance for ER visits or hospital stays for their children. Our warm coats, hats, gloves and socks help curve those numbers.

Stats from The State of America's Children in Missouri - 2021 Fact Sheet
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