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Did You Know?

in 2019 the number of children in St. Louis Missouri was 1370,585 and 28% were children of color; 13 percent were Black: 7 percent were Hispanic: 2 percent were Asian/Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Island; and <1% were American/Indian/Alaska Native

Child Poverty was 17% of Missouri's children who were poor. A total of 229,336 children and children of color were disproportionately poor.

The income in a white family was the median of $80,000 compared to Black families $40,700 and $45,100 for Hispanic families. Imagine those numbers doubling as of 2022.


Warm Coat Helps

​A Warm coat is not only warm but it curves the illnesses that a child may have from the cold especially if that child has asthma or brachial challenges. When a child is warm they are less prone to fights, paying attention in school and learning. 
2017-2018 -  36,6006 unhoused children were enrolled in public schools and the reason for that is because they wanted to eat and be warm. 94,686 children ages 0-18 (7%) were uninsured in 2019, which means they did not have the means to go to the hospital or emergency room for treatment. Our coats, hats, gloves and socks help curve those numbers.

Stats from The State of America's Children in Missouri - 2021 Fact Sheet
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