Keeping Children Warm A Coat At A Time

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All children should live a normal a life as possible, famlies should be productive in their communities and the homeless communities should be provided warmth through our coat program. We provide free new coats, hoodies, hats, gloves and socks to children infant to high school.

Who Are We?

 All Nanna's Kids Closet ask the question, what do you see when you see a warm, fuzzy coat?  All Nanna's Kids Closet CEO and volunteers see more than warmth. We see how it affects families and children. A coat not only keep them children warm, more importantly, it builds self esteem, confidence and give hope. A child learns better when they are warm versus a child being cold and trying to learn in school. We love when we provide coats and see a child smiling, or run up to one of the volunteers and give a big hug as a thank you.


We are Compassionate about families with children who are in need. 

We are Committed to giving hope in the communities that we serve.

We are Connected to Communities through our coat program, I Choose You.

All Nanna's Kids Closet (ANK) is a non-profit, 501c3 organization, founded in January 2018 (82-5049653) in St. Louis, MO and committed to providing new coats to families with children, schools and the homeless shelters. We provide warm items to any child regardless of their race, culture, background or financial situation, a need is a need. Our coats are always free, and of good quality, gently worn and/or new. The founder, Anna Marie was a single parent raising 3 children and can identify with families who are unable to to provide a simple need as a coat for her children. We are passionate about providing this service to the communities where under served, low-income, poverty and disadvantaged areas in St. Louis County and City and the St. Clair County communities. No child should have to know how it feels to be cold during the winter months.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to building an inclusive space for our volunteers, the families we serve and anyone who comes in contact with us by welcoming people from all backgrounds, ethnicity, national origin, age, identity, education or disability. We want them to feel valued and respected and most of all included in our coat program and volunteer community.



AnnaMarie Warfield - Founder/CEO

Anna is the Founder and CEO of All Nanna's Kids, Closet, Inc. She is the mother of 3 adult children and 8 grandchildren. She is an Alumni of Lincoln Sr. High School class of 81, East St. Louis  and a 1982 graduate of Hickey Business School, St. Louis, MO. Anna is a published author of, Now You See Me, Hidden Until God Reveals You, that can be purchased at . She is a past (2018) Volunteer/Mentor at the Boys & Girls Club of America in St. Louis, MO. She has been a guest speaker on GT Ministry, Created to Praise Radio Show located in Virginia, speaking against domestic violence.  ​​The name, All Nanna's Kids is derived from her spending quality time with her grandchildren, they call her "Nanna".


She is employed by the second largest cable company in the United States, Spectrum, where she is the office manager in the Legal Department.. She is a member of the West County Chamber of Commerce family. Anna is also and active member at her church as intercessor. 

In an effort to help and support families with children who would go without a coat each year, she started All Nanna's Kids Closet. Anna was a single parent raising three children and know the struggles of raising children on limited or sometimes no income at all. Although there are millions of children each year facing winter without a coat, Anna shares that keeping children warm raises their self-esteem and they have less behavioral issues in school. We take the little things for granted, like having a warm coat when it's 20 degrees or below but children do not. Anna has seen thousands of happy children after receiving a nice warm coat and smiling parents. That same joy and the tears in a grandmother eyes, as she thanks us for providing a coat to her grandchildren is our "WHY". 

Anna's larger vision is for All Nanna's Kids Closet to be mobile. To have an ANK truck that will go into communities, school grounds and areas where families may not have transportation. A child will be able to enter the truck and pick out their coat, hat, socks, and gloves. This truck will have the capability for a child who is handicap in a wheelchair, to be able to enter as well.  We will continue to provide an even better service to the community of children.

Our children are our future, and they deserve a chance at being productive in their communities.


Our Team.

Our Board of Directors are part of and elite team of Educators and  Professionals. We have 10 consistent volunteers that have a heart for the community and love people especially children. We are a team that believes in giving to the community, serving the community and coming together as a team to provide the much needed warmth that is desired. The success of our organization is because our Board and team are creative, forward thinkers and believe that every child deserves to be warm, regardless of their culture, environment, or financial situation.

Connie Austin
Board of Director/CFO
Denisa Huff
Board of Director
Nicko Woodie
Board of Director
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