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Keeping Children Warm A Coat At A Time

All children should live a normal a life as possible, families should be productive in their communities and the homeless should be provided warmth. All Nanna's Kids Closet provides these necessities through our coat program, Cold No More. Children infant to high school receive new coats, hats, gloves and socks for free.

Who Are We?

 All Nanna's Kids Closet asks the question, what do you see when you see a warm, fuzzy coat?  All Nanna's Kids Closet  see more than a warm coat.  A coat not only keep them children warm, more importantly, it builds self esteem, confidence and give hope. A child learns better when they are warm versus a child being cold and trying to learn in school. We love when we give a child a coat and see them smiling, or run up to one of the volunteers and give a big hug as a thank you. That is one reason we continue to provide coats to families with children.

All Nanna's Kids Closet (ANK) is a non-profit, 501c3 organization, founded in January 2018 (82-5049653) in St. Louis, MO and is committed to providing coats to families with children, schools and the homeless shelters. The founder, Anna Marie was a single parent raising 3 children and can identify with families who are unable to to provide a simple need as a coat for her children. Anna's heart goes out to the children and their family because she was once them. She did her research on the number of children who attend school without a coat and there are thousands every year. Her research also showed that teachers are kind enough to provide a gently worn coat to these children, but what about when there are more children in need that a teacher can help? She started All Nanna's Kids with a vision, little funding, famil, friends and a heart for communities in need.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to building an inclusive space for our volunteers, the families we serve and anyone who comes in contact with us by welcoming people from all backgrounds, ethnicity, national origin, age, identity, education or disability. We want them to feel valued and respected and most of all included in our coat program and volunteer community. We embrace diversity and inclusion because it is a way to be intentional about making space for positive outcomes to flourish whether it is in our services, our leadership and our team of volunteers. 

Mission & Vision

All Children should be able to live a normal a life as possible, families should be productive in their communities and the homeless communities should be provided warmth. All Nanna's Kids Closet does this and more through our coat program, "Cold No More". We provide new coats, hoodies, hats, socks and gloves for free to children infant to high school. 

Our warm coats not only keep them warm, but more importantly instill in them that they are just as important as any other child, regardless of their situation. Our coats provide warmth, build self-esteem and give hope to children who maybe hopeless. It also provides relief from a parents' financial burden during difficult times. We give to communities in underserved, disadvantages and low-income areas, shelters, schools and any family with children who need a coat. We do not discriminate, a need is a need.  We are on the ground in the St. Louis, MO, St. Louis City and St. Clair County communities seeing the families. We understand that a child learns better when he or she is full and warm and we will continue to keep children warm as long as we have coats in our closet. 



Serving with Integrity: All Nanna's Kids is committed to serving the communities by being a resource to families with children and helping them to live a happy and productive life. A child will learn better and is focused when they are warm versus being cold and possibly disruptive. Families are less stressed when something as simple as a coat, has been given to them for free.

Quality Coats: We  provide quality coats to the communities that we serve. We have the option to not accept a coat that is not of good quality. As our founder states, children deserve better and not less.

We are Compassionate about families with children who are in need. 

We are Committed to giving hope in the communities that we serve.

We are Connected to Communities through our coat program, I Choose You.

We are keeping children warm a coat at a time!


Five Year Vision

All Nanna's Kids Closet vision and plan will continue to grow and evolve as the years approach. We are excited about our leadership and the vision that they have for ANK.

1. Give away at least 1000 or more coats, hats, gloves, socks each year (starting 2023)

2.  Extend our reach to more communities as we grow

3.  50 Volunteers (consistent) 50 more Volunteers for big events

4.  Paid Staff (Admin Assistant, Program Coordinator, Executive Assistant, Executive Director)

5. Funding of $100,000 or more to cover the "Cold No More" Program, Operations & Salaries

6. Purchase a truck in order for ANK to go to schools, shelters, and communities where familied do not have transportation and allow the children to enter the truck and choose their coat, hat, and gloves (socks when available). This truck will also be handicap accessible

7. Partner and collaborate with nonprofits. 

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